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Construction course commences
Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th September 2015
then every monday & tuesday following
ends Tuesday 1st december 2015

Media Production course commences
Starts W/C monday 14th September 2015
3 hours per week over 12weeks
ends W/C 30th November
Times and dates to be confirmed

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David Cameron supports Refresh

I warmly welcome this local initiative. It is one that will undoubtedly provide economic and social benefits to the local community, whilst making the positive step of bringing the people who live there closer together. Not only does this project serve followers of the Sikh faith, but it also provides access to training and skills to those who need them, regardless of their background. 

None of this would be possible without the vitality of those who wish to see their communities prosper. Volunteering time or donating resources in an effort to make their neighbourhoods thrive is something that this Government wholeheartedly applauds and encourages. Giving, in order to help their community, is a principle at the very epicentre of Sikhism, a quality that will hopefully continue to resonate throughout the entire community. 

Prime Minister

David Cameron

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